Got It! is a fast and fun little math game designed by Jolly Games. The objective of the game is to find expressions fast; first, a grid of numbers and operators is dealt out and a "goal number" is presented. The player examines the grid looking for a sequence of cards that produces the goal number. Tap the numbers and operators in order. if you are right, a point is awarded and a new goal number is presented. get it wrong and you can try again. There are an endless number of problems generated.

The iPad version allows the user to set various game play options: equation length (either 5-card sequences or 7-card sequences), board size (either 6x6 or 8x8 grid), and the inclusion of modulus and/or wildcard operators.

There are three versions of the game: Zen, Lightning and Classic. Start off in Zen Mode to practice solving the problems. There is no time constraint and no limit to the number of problems that you can solve. Track your performance (the number of problems you answer correctly, the number of problems you have tried to solve, and your longest streak).

Classic mode is more competitive. Time how long it takes to solve 20 questions. Earn achievements and compare times in the Game Center.

In Lightning Mode, see how many questions you can solve in 3 minutes. Earn achievements and compare scores in the Game Center.

This app makes use of the Game Center, but an account is not required to play.

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