Social image, in this day and age, has become a barrier to a free and honest exchange of opinions; and not being able to openly convey feelings, thoughts or opinions has become a stress factor in a community. Due to fear of negative social judgment, very few people openly express themselves on existing social networks in spite of being highly active on such networks. Our concern for our social image does not allow us to be ourselves.

There have been many instances where I and my friends have felt that we need to speak up but then felt vulnerable to share our perspective and opinions.

Students these days are very aware and interested in voicing their opinions. We needed a platform where we can share and discuss without having to filter our opinions, an informal platform to air our views.

What it does

We have built a platform where people can truly be themselves, and be able to freely speak their hearts out within their college community.

Our product is a mobile platform that lets users anonymously share their ideas, thoughts, and feelings with their community. It aims to build stronger communities by allowing people to speak openly and freely.

You, as a user, can get a live feed of what people around you are saying and find out what is popular in your community. You can join any conversation, share your feelings, give or ask for advice, debate on issues of your interest, share funny stuff, and much more - all anonymously.

How we built it

We built is using flutter, and used firebase at the backend.

Challenges we ran into

There were many challenges we ran into, listing only a few of them and how we solved them:

~ Not able to fetch the data from the firebase cloud console; Solution: we asked on the Slack channel and took mentor's help to figure this out

~ UI wasn't able to render as expected for the app drawer; Solution: We saw youtube videos and online articles to make our way through

~ Google authentication wasn't working; Solution: We looked on to the official documentation and references and read them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the whole project with an integrated backend within two days, also not to mention we were just two students!

What we learned

Skills aside, the most important was teamwork! Also, there were times we couldn't fix bugs and got frustrated, but then the will to complete the whole project within a specific time kept us going and genuinely helped us complete the whole app!

What's next for Gospel

We aim to first beta test it within our college and aiming to launch it to the bigger audience after refining it.

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