The year is 20XX and the NSA and Anonymous are entrenched in war over digital privacy. In a moment of clarity the NSA decides to combat Anonymous' hacker ways by going old school and storing all their image data offline... So they reroute the images captured by their drones from a central server that would be easy to hack for elite hackers like Anonymous, to... SHIRTS of course? YOU CAN'T HACK A SHIRT!

Just Kidding.

Real Description / Ideation

I was honestly looking for a unique way to capture a moment. These moments would be commemorated on attire, cases and mugs obviously, but what moments could I capture. I then thought about how drones are changing the way we take pictures / film movies, and it occurred to me that those moments could be retrieved off of a livestream and put on a tshirt. And with such GoShirtsPro was born.

As an avid Snowboarder I have quite a few moments I captured with wearable that I would commemorate. I took a bunch of pictures at mountain peaks with my family that I could easily put on a mug for everyone to remember that christmas by.

Tech + Steps

  • Livestream is being broadcast to the web page from the GoProWebserver which I access via proxy from a localhost node express server

  • Whenever I wish I can take a picture of the current moment (generally 3-4 seconds ahead of the livestream)

  • I can then select the garment, size and enter payment/shipping info and submit the image to our server (note this does require the client machine you are using to have network connections one local for the gopro and one external for the shirtsio api wrapper)

  • After submitting I get a quote with which I can then submit my order. Once I submit the rest is handled by shirtsio/scalablepress

  • I did not submit a website like because my demo has to be done locally in order to pair with the go pro.

The demo I've created is done using a go pro, but really it could be done using any livestream given the right API.

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