To build a cross client Proof of Authority testnet. Currently there is a reliance on testnets that are completely isolated from interacting with other clients due to the differing PoA consensus mechanisms.

What it does

Currently we have our testnet implemented in Parity --chain=goerli , with the Aura consensus mechanism implemented in Geth with --goerli initiated.

How we built it

We built it by writing an EIP that defined the Aura specification in detail, while implementing the spec in Go. Currently you can view the nodes at

Challenges we ran into

The major challenged came with creating a genesis block that is identical in both clients. The block hashes of the headers were the major challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Beginning the journey of creating one PoA testnet for all clients. We plan on continuing with the project and creating a cross-client PoA testnet.

What we learned

We learned a lot about PoA consensus algorithms and the difficulty with syncing two clients that implement different features.

What's next for Görli Testnet

Next we plan on solidifying our current Go implementation of Aura in Geth. From there we plan on launching the first cross client PoA testnet for the Ethereum network. After that, we will begin work on implementing Clique (Geth's PoA mechanism) in Parity to allow for two cross-client PoA testnets.

Built With

  • aura
  • ethereum
  • geth
  • golang
  • parity
  • poa
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