My Goal was to build a Web-Front-End that focusses on the Funds on the Melon Network and that let the Fund-Manager write something about his strategy and about his experiences that qualifies him as a fundmanager. I tried to implement the interaction (Investing/Redeeming) with the smart-contracts but it's not ready, yet.

What it does

It shows the funds on the Melon-Network that are not shutdown and that shows signs of life and some data about the fund. If a Fund-Manager visits his own Fund there is a link shown to the Fund-Manager to a Wordpress-Site on that he can login with Metamask (plugin not my work). If he writes there a blog-article in the category manager then the article is shown on the Front-End after the next rebuild. If he writes in the category strategy it is shown on the Front-End, too.

How I built it

With Gatsby using the implementation of The-Graph-API developed by Avantgarde Finance.

Challenges I ran into

I was slower than expected.

What I learned

I have to dive deeper into the blockchain-stuff, especially the Melon-Protocol.

What's next for Gorilla Funds

Make sure all data shown are correct. At the moment the fund-structure is not shown correctly and the performance chart needs improvements. And I want to make the Invest/Redeem-Buttons work.

Built With

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