Improving traffic might not be that easy thing to do overnight, but did you think before about making the waiting time unforgettable?! Our idea focuses on giving the user an enjoyable experience while they are on their way.

What it does

The application prompts the user for their music choice, interests in news, podcasts, talk shows, etc. Then it forms a stream of audio with their choices. It also prompts the user for their location, in order to send advertisements of local business nearby, and again, only related to their interests. Go Radio also offers the opportunity for content creators to start local stations for the listeners in their area!

Making traffic waiting times and long commutes more pleasant, comfortable and less stressful through a personalized radio station.

How we built it

Android studio, using Java, Google News API, and Spotify API for prototyping purpose.

What we learned

We learned how to manage our time, by finishing a product in its prototype stage in only 24 hours. Also, we ran into new APIs, technologies, and frameworks, that we had to learn in order to do a working prototype.

What's next for GoRadio


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