At this critical time, community gym and other activities are closed. In-order to do some physical activity like walking, jogging or cycling, our community uses the trail. To stay safe while we are out, we need to avoid people who come out at same time. I got inspired from this. If there is a portal to communicate at what time people are planning to come out, we can contribute towards safety of each other. Before going outside for groceries or any physical activities to know how many people will be there at the particular time, can save a lot of lives. One can check portal and plan accordingly to stay safe and avoid the risk while logging their plan so that others can do the same.

What it does

The site will show the details of time(specific time) and count (number of people planning to go) at particular place(grocery store/ physical activity/ Pharmacy/ airport). And the user can enter there plan details.

How I built it

Its a two tier application with front end HTML, JavaScript hosted on nodeJS. Backend is elastic search which hosts geo data of all the places. Client talks with elastic search using Rest service. Elastic search is used to aggregate use plans on the basis of time and date.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraints, since I got idea yesterday.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to implement a proof of concept to show my idea considering I started late.

What I learned

Challenging time need smart solutions. It take lot of brainstorming to come up with solutions to serve large set of people.

What's next for GoPlan

Admin portal, Advance search, interactive dashboards, Maps.

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