Sharing is an integral part of human experience, we share things for self-fulfillment, self-expression and relationships. Since the invention of the camera, we have been sharing experiences in 2D, but with AR, we could visualize 3D objects in our real world. This project plans to revolutionize the way we share experiences by applying photogrammetry techniques to generate 3D models out of 2D pictures and using cloud computing to distribute the generated content which the user would able to visualize in an Augmented Reality environment.

What it does

GoPic enables users to create 3D model of real world objects on the fly by using photogrammetry techniques and allows to share the generated content with their loved ones

How I built it

GoPic is built using Unity Game Engine, it uses Vuforia for Augmented Reality rendering, our distributed cloud storage solution is built on top of google's firebase platform where we have utilized realtime database for storing user profile and 3d model metadata, storage to store 3d model and images and serverless cloud functions to generate the model.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the right images to generate the model. There are many factors that negatively affect photogrammetry such as losing focus, movement, transparent shiny objects, very thin objects, crisscrossing objects etc. In order to tackle this challenges we had to create machine learning model which would detect if the image is good enough or not.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to put together an MVP that's able to generate a 3d model, share it to friends and visualize it in the augmented reality space

What I learned

"Expect Setbacks" is the most valuable lesson I learned. We would plan out our tasks but tasks always ended taking either long or short than the expected amount.

What's next for GoPic

We would like release this app to public so that we could build a better version.

Built With

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posted an update

Designed the system architecture of the app & Built the Photo to 3D Model Generating Pipeline & Distributed Cloud Storage Solution. Handled everything from Uploading & processing the raw images to generate the model & updating the database and everything in between.

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