Go has an amazing community which has been producing amazing video content. Most of this video content is available on YouTube, but is not organized in form that a Gopher can consume it on a regular basis. So, idea is to create a Netflix like experience for Golang curated videos which a newbie or an experience gopher can consume.

I have been coding in Go for last 4 months and have benefitted by the knowledge shared by Gophers in these videos and constantly look for videos which I can consume during 30 min. break or over the weekend.

If you are a newbie who is learning the ropes of Go development, or you are an experienced Gopher who wants serious about his craft, you will definitely enjoy GopherTV.

We are very proud of the video crawler and video curation framework that we created in GopherTV. GopherTV's backend consist of: -- A crawler engine which hunts for Golang video in youtube and add it to the curation list (curation is done manually today, but we have got some ideas to automate it) -- A TV like playlist which takes out the hassle of searching and looking for videos instead encourage to just sit back and watch, its like bringing Go to your living room :)

There's a lot we can improve in our frontend experience, but we feel, this is a good start to demonstrate the concept.


Sunil Arora & Jacob Amrany

Sunil Arora Github: droot Twitter: @sunil

Jacob Amrany Github: jamra

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