Gopher-Talkie talkie is a simple command that makes recording and sending secure voice message easy. It's designed for command-line freaks like me and computer geeks who cares about information security.

We've seen so many great apps, such as SnapChat, WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, Google Talk, etc., they have made it pretty easy for anyone to send voice messages to friends. Despite the fact that some are secure, some are not, there's one problem annoying me: they all require a Graphics User Interface or a Mobile Phone or a Web Browser to use! And I couldn't find a command-line tool that can perform the same task as easily! Let's see, if I'm going to send my friend a voice message from Terminal, I would have to

  1. Run ffmpeg command to record the audio to file
  2. Run gpg command to encrypt the audio file
  3. Run sendmail command to email the encrypted file as attachment
  4. And once my friend receive the email, he has to reverse all above steps too before he could listen the message... (not to mention how confusing it is to learn how GPG works...)

That's how I came up the idea of creating the talkie command-line tool + its web service. I hope it can become the go-to app of Mac/Linux geeks when they need to talk to each other someday, or maybe for bots, drones, internet-of-things, or something-who-knows in the future.


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