2001: 2,215,293 members. holding 100,131 meetings World wide. 2016: 1,962,499 members. holding 109,872 members World wide.

Those numbers have been seriously falling, when in fact the variety of different addiction & the number of addicts around the world have been increasing.

There are year-by-year less and less patients showing up to Anonymous Recovery meetings, mostly due to the "boring nature of these events and the difficulty of accessibility".

What it does

Lets a verified therapist (applied with certification & approved by us) host anonymous recovery meetings for addicts to join, where the therapist controls the flow of the meeting.

How we built it

We used PubNub for communications, specifically the admin actions aspect (E.g. the admin can mute everybody in the room, and in order to do that, we'd need to send messages to each devices telling the app to mute their mics)

Firebase stores our data (user-related data, meetings, etc.)

Mobile app is written in Swift3, and web app is built using Angular4 & Express.

Challenges we ran into

Making a flow layout for the video calls would probably be the most challenging area, since you'd want the grid to be flexible in terms of adding and removing tiles (videos). We used IGListKit for that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The group call feature was something we really wanted to get working, and we did!

What we learned

LOTS... Some of the most valuable things we learned is how many addicts there are around the world, and how many different categories of addictions there are!

In terms of technology:

  • Angular4
  • IGListKit
  • ES6

What's next for Gopher Talk

Gopher Talk is pretty much ready for a beta release (a day or two of more work would do it), and we're gathering email addresses on the site for people to become testers, and then hopefully launch to market after a few weeks of testing.

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