Experiencing the COVID pandemic in the United States and seeing how it has cost our team members loved ones in our own personal lives motivated us to understand how medical accessibility can play a massive role in shaping a countless number of lives. We've thought about different ways individuals and organizations can come together and help people through this crisis meaningfully.

What it does

The product aims to provide healthcare / pharmaceutical service trucks that serve communities and individuals in need without competing with other jobs in the economy and without compromising the environment's well-being.

How we built it

We built a frontend for a website that employs the Google Maps API and uses basic web development practices to demonstrate a proof of concept that users can easily use and obtain the medical care they need using our platform.

Challenges we ran into

Due to the fact that we only get so much time to work on our project, the website only contains frontend code and lacks a backend. The prototype was created on the assumption that its current features are meant to function under a working backend that includes authentication, encryption, web tokens, databases, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We believe that the amount of research we did fully illustrates why our product would be useful in the long-term for various American communities. Additionally, we are satisfied with the basic look and feel of our website from a design standpoint.

What we learned

The most important thing our team learned was actually aside from pure knowledge - it was that our team functions extremely well in terms of communication and a division of work. Every group member's ability to contribute makes us extremely enthusiastic about tackling a different project or idea in the future.

What's next for GoPharm

Our next steps involve obtaining feedback about the aspects of our idea that need work. At the end of the day, every idea can benefit from constructive criticism so that it can grow to become the best it can be. We are hoping to obtain funding for this idea and want to see if we can make it a successful platform.

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