A new take on travel packing.


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On his trip to Dallas, one of the team members realized that there was no tool that sufficiently aided in the packing process. Another team member, with a mohawk, thought that Dallas would be warm, and wore shorts and sandals.

We decided to build a tool that fully utilized all of our skillsets, and from that, the crowdsourced packing platform gopackme was founded.

Features that we are really proud of:

  • scoring items based on user preference, using machine learning
  • utilizing Wunderground/Mashery's weather forecast API to decide appropriate clothing
  • Web Interface (fully compatible with mobile) AND iOS App
  • RESTful API to utilize our knowledge and data

Our stack consists of an Objective-C and AngularJS front-end, interacting with a Node.js API and Java/MongoDB backend. This all is made possible by Microsoft Azure's platform. Huge shoutout to them! Check us out on GitHub!

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