Have you ever seen the majestic Goose and wondered what they were saying. Well, GooseSpeak finally allows you to unlock the mystery of these marvelous, majestic creatures. By understanding the Geese, we will be able to defeat UofT once and for all in memes.

What it does

It takes English text, either through a file or a through standard input, and translates it into geese, outputting the translated text on both the console and in a file called output.

How I built it

I used Python to go through an English string and translate it into geese. In truth, I translated the string randomly, but hid the original message in invisible characters.

Challenges I ran into

Finding out how to translate different types of characters without having to completely rewrite my translator was tough for a couple inputs. My biggest challenge was coming up with this brilliant idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finally giving a humans a way to communicate, and perhaps someday understand, geese, so that one day we can fight together side by side in the fight for the fate of our world against the Dark Lord.

What I learned

How to hide information through invisible characters.

What's next for GooseSpeak

Deploying it on campus immediately so we may make contact with our Geese overlords.

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