Navigation apps force us to stick to only one mode of transportation - you either drive, bike, or take transit the whole way. As Waterloo students, we admire geese. Mr. Goose has options. He can fly, swim, or walk - all in the same trip! We want to give humans the same option as well.

What it does

It gives you multi-modal directions including transit, driving (ie. Lyft/Uber), biking, bikeshare, and walking. While taking a Lyft the whole way might often be the quickest, it's certainly not the cheapest nor the most sustainable. GooseRoute lets you make a compromise between getting there on-time and in saving the planet (and also your wallet).

How we built it

  • Used R5 routing platform for multi-modal navigation
  • Wrote API to interface between the platform and our web-app

Challenges we ran into

  • multi-modal navigation is hard, especially when trying to add real-time traffic and transit data, along with scooters (which are moving targets as they don't have mixed locations).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • demoing something

What we learned

  • we miss JS

What's next for GooseRoute

  • honk!

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