Geese Geese Geese, Spooky Scary

You are Goosey McGooseFace, and incredibly short human with a guardian goose. Your Guardian Goose (or GG for short) alerted you to the murder of a local upstanding family, and as an investigative journalist, you felt it was your duty to discover the truth behind this murder most fowl. You wake up, disorientated, in a pitch black room, with only your phone light on hand. The last thing you remember is getting in your car....

Using the unreal-engine which none of us had used before we created the world and the utilities to live within it.

never having used the software before.

actually getting it to work

geese are spooky

finishing the project components we didn't get to finish.

"We teach you all this computer science, only for you to do this with it" - Peter Lewis 2016

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