My teams love for Florida and Social Media platforms such as Linkedin and Instagram.

What it does

Creates a space to allow those that love nature to share, like, and build a community around those willing to put the work in to preserve our environment.

How we built it

Utilizing Python's Flask framework we created template files to visualize the posting and writing of service actions in the Indian River Lagoon. Using this framework we were able to create a login and signup splash page, as well as a page to show the media feed, and to upload a user's own photos.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how to create the application framework without MySQL. Many things within html and css as we couldn't quite design the front end as we had hoped. The amount of time allotted as we only planned the first night we didn't have enough time to piece together the front and back-end. Not having a small scope of what to accomplish until the just midnight.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning enough of each language to build a website that is potentially scalable. Creating a 80% finished product. Having no outside of class experience, we created an idea that could compete with other teams. Learning the amount that we did in such a short time, has boosted our confidence and passion to pursue more events like this.

What we learned

We learned the beginnings of how a back-end with MySQL is supposed to run and developed a basic understanding of html, css, python, and javascript. Such as differences in syntax, built in libraries, and how to conjoin these different languages together to create a cohesive project.

What's next for GoonLagoon

Join more hackatons, develop our project more and actually try to build a community, and to keep learning as much as possible.

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