Yammer can also be a valuable source of information. subject matter experts are discussing solutions to the problems with people, creating notes with guidelines. This information can be very helpful and valuable to the others, so it's good to have a way, how to look only for the right answers to people questions in Yammer.

Main Goal

Main goal is to shorten the time between asking the question and getting the right answer as much as possible, theoretically to zero.

This should also help to avoid asking the same question multiple times.

What it does

Good answers are given a "Validated" topic by community in yammer. Looking for the answer in Yammer itself may be over-helming for some users who are not so much into social or technology. For this people and for this purposes, google-like page is provided, where people can start asking the question and only Validated answers would come up. If there are no results at all or nothing that can help, button changes to ASK and your question is submitted back to Yammer

How I built it

Phase 1: Sharepoint page, Angular.js, Yammer search API, Yammer messages API

Challenges I ran into

Authentication to Yammer from Sharepoint Live refreshing the results while typing

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Authentication to Yammer from Sharepoint

What's next for Goo-mer

Phase 2: Sharepoint App

Sharepoint App used for configuration - Group IDs, Topics

Sharepoint App Part - to be added to the page with query field and results grid + Add people with expertise in questioned area to the results

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