GoogMe solves a very important problem. There are not enough googly eyes in the world. To solve the world's most pressing issues, we wrote a program that detects human eyes in faces within a given image. We then replace every detected eye with googly eyes! Just creating a cloud-based service for googly eye addition was not enough for us however, we needed to bring this to the masses. So logically, we made a reddit bot! It is currently going through reddit finding images that we can goog and solving the problem of not enough googly eyes in the world by commenting an imgur link to the generated images. We also made a website for users to submit their own pictures, so that they can "get Goog'd".

The googly eye addition is run on an extra large AWS instance and uses Python and OpenCV for all image processing. There is a tornado server handling the calls to this site. The main front end, located at uses jQuery to provide a more visually appealing front end. This is run on an AWS micro instance and a CherryPy server.

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