Google Trends Slackbot

Hackathon Demo in UBC Local Hack Day 2018

What it does

A Slackbot that picks a Google Trends item and tells the summary of the top three.


Load this repository to the request URL location, and add config.ini for BOT_TOKEN, DB_SERVER, DB_ADMIN, DB_PASSWORD, DB_NAME, and DB_TABLE

How to use

Mention your bot and type top trend e.g.@bot top trend

What I learnt

Relying on Slackbot for the GUI is the biggest mistake

  • Multi-line message is still not supported as of December 01, 2018 (earliest request started in 2015
  • No custom styling for the option dropdown in interactive messages. If an item is too long, it is trimmed with '...'
  • The request structures from Slack to your own server can be quite different, e.g. normal message (application/json) vs interactive messages (application/x-www-form-urlencoded with a key payload).

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