"Here, jot this down really quick...". scrambles to find paper/somewhere to write down important stuff...

This has happened to me way too often. Enter Google Notepad - simply type "notepad" in Google Search, and you're presented with a small textarea to type whatever you want. Press enter, an

What it does

The extension checks for where the URL contains "q=notepad" while on a Google domain. It then inserts a small textarea in the DOM where you can take notes.

How I built it

Built using JavaScript and jQuery.

Challenges I ran into

jQuery was a pain for a very long time. One subtle piece of understanding helped me over an obstacle that almost derailed me from doing this project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of overcoming the challenge that is jQuery! :)

What I learned

How to make a Chrome Extension - this is my first one!

What's next for Google Notepad

With a little bit of stylistic effort, I think this app could be pushed to the Google Extension Store!

Built With

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