originally we were going to do a dad joke bot that simply tells jokes. Then we decided we wanted something much more useful in today's world. Most of the team members being forgetful of basic class information, we decided to turn google home into a homework assistant.

What it does

originally it was meant to be connected to canvas for you to have basic class information. it tells you that we have class right now

How I built it

using sweat, blood, canvas, dialogflow, python and javascript

Challenges I ran into

connecting to canvas, we dont know javascript, did not understood how dialogflow sent the package to python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

understand how to use dialogflow now, more experience with ap as well as python and javascript.

What I learned

learned how to use dialogflow, learned how to make an application that has potential for user input from speech.

What's next for Google Homework

making the connection to canvas, and pull actual data from canvas/ school related websites. Creating a secure server (Oauth 2) for other users to have access to this.

Built With

  • canvas
  • dialogflow
  • google-mini-home
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