As because we all are locked down in our respective countries(India in our case), staying away from our university, job, schools, etc, in our home, is the best time we thaught to utilize this opportunity and do something productive for the betterment of our fellow citizens to fight this fatal epidemic.

What it does

This project builds an index over the COVID database using Artificial Intelligence to assist with real-time data analysis and data discovery. It will help find answers to key scientific questions on a number of COVID-19 research topics. The Website has been developed to search accurate information for Covid-19 along with real-time data statistics and live news among the people globally, helping Governments, Researchers, Doctors and anyone who need accurate information related to treatment, prevention, and any other information through Research published around the globe.

Queries example :

“Treatment” “Transmission” "Policies and protocols for screening and testing.", "Policies to mitigate the effects on supplies associated with mass testing, including swabs and reagents.", "Technology roadmap for diagnostics.", "Seasonality of transmission.", "Persistence of virus on surfaces of different materials (e,g., copper, stainless steel, plastic).", "Natural history of the virus and shedding of it from an infected person", “Smoking, pre-existing pulmonary disease", "Co-infections (determine whether co-existing respiratory/viral infections make the virus more transmissible or virulent) and other co-morbidities"

How we built it

We built it using Sentence Embeddings built over state of the art Artificial Intelligence techniques and fast indexing and searching technologies and used React.js, Real-Time Web APIs, JavaScript, Chart.js to get real-time updated statistics and live news across the globe.

Challenges we ran into

Training the model into the huge corpus and optimizing search so as to reduce latency, Getting Authentic data using Web Apis and enhancement for better user experience.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

More than 500 hits on the website in a day and being able to provide users with the best of authentication information , authentic statistics and live news.

What we learned

We learned How to use Sentence Embeddings built over the state of the art Artificial Intelligence technique And using React.js, Js and Web APIs to build productive and user-friendly apps. Most importantly we learned how to use our free time to make something productive, proper time management and teamwork.

What's next for Google-for-Covid19

We are planning to include more features like adding the safest route to travel, alert zones in the nearby locality, improving models, etc to make it furthermore effective.

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