Developed an Oauth 2.0 flow from scratch for a work assignment.

What it does:

User signs in and gets redirected to a page displaying his/her information.

How I built it:

First tested the routes with Postman, then used Node.js first using request library, then switched to htttps, so it uses as few external libraries as possible.

Challenges I ran into:

Converting from request to https

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

First time I worked with Oauth2.0

What I learned:

Oauth2.0 flow in and out, also learned a lot about the https.request and hyper text transfer protocol in general

What's next for Google-Facebook Oauth2.0 :

I integrated this feature with my employer's API, so that after Oauth results come back, the user either gets logged in or has a new account created, and then gets logged in.

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