Building and deploying a website can be tricky for non-developers. Despite many attempts at making this easier, there are still a lot of pain points. Website builders still have steep learning curves when it comes to creating truly custom designs, and can definitely have a high barrier of entry for those who are less technologically literate.

We wanted to take a new approach to website builders by letting everyone use a tool they're already really familiar with: Google Docs. This completely streamlines the web-development process, from design, all the way to deployment. Best of all, it allows people who are (nearly) technologically illiterate to create and deploy custom websites: even the least tech-savvy people can figure out a word processor.

What it does

DocuSite lets anyone build and deploy beautiful, functional websites with only a ✨ Google Doc ✨. Just write, edit and style your document then watch as the platform converts it into a pixel-perfect website that is automatically published online for you. You can quickly make edits to your website within Google Drive itself and see the edits live, in real-time.

The tool lets anyone convert a Google Doc into a working site in less than 30 seconds. With DocuSite, the only limit is your imagination.

How we built it

The front-end of this web app is built using React.JS and Bootstrap. The backend is a Node/Express server that uses Google's OAuth service to communicate with the Google Docs API. The returned JSON is translated into corresponding HTML and CSS elements with our custom parsing algorithm. Finally, the website is automatically shipped and deployed using a Cloudflare worker.

What's next for Google Docs to HTML

  • Adding more features (ideally things like forms, image carousels etc.)
  • Adding support for custom domain names
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