It was a bit hard for me to use google cloud on my phone. I wanted an easy way to control google cloud without using my laptop. So I made an app to easily access google cloud from my Whatsapp messenger

What it does

It lets you control your google cloud shell on your WhatsApp using Twilio. You can Perform various google cloud tasks easily like making Cloud Storage Buckets, Making VM Instances on Compute Engine or making a cluster on Google Kubernetes Engine

How I built it

I first made a python script to get requests from Whatsapp using Twilio. Then I deployed it on the google cloud compute engine VM so I could easily control it using the Twilio requests using my Whatsapp

Challenges I ran into

The time was a bit less. I had to make a video and think of an idea alone. It was difficult thinking of an idea so fast and starting the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finished it in time somehow

What I learned

Learnt more about the Google Cloud Platform and Twilio

How to use it

For Setting the app please follow the instructions in the Github repo

To Create a Cloud Storage Bucket just type "createbucket "

To Create a VM Instance just type "createinstance "

For Creating the Cluster in GKE just type "createcluster "

You can also execute any command in the google cloud shell by typing "gcloud "

What's next for Google Cloud Whatsapp Control

Going to add SSH control on Whatsapp soon

Full Demo and Setting Up of the app

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