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What is Goofys?

goofys lets us mount S3 and S3-compatible storage buckets as a filesystem.

Hence, using goofys, we are able to create a folder on our own machine that automatically 'syncs' with your CORTX bucket.


We created a convenience script that creates a folder /root/shared that will be used to mount your CORTX bucket. Simply carry out the following command:

sh <cortx-endpoint-url> <bucket-name> <aws-access-key-id> <secret-access-key>

For detailed integration steps, do check out our 5-minute step-by-step video which explains all the steps we have listed in our convenience script.

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Team Zelda:

  • Claire Lim
  • Tan Ziheng
  • Xenon Ng

If there are any questions, do not hesitate to contact our team at

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