After talking with the representatives from Goodwill Industries International, we were moved by their need to encourage and maintain meaningful contact between their coaches and the clients they serve.

What it does

Our application facilitates contact via SMS, email, social and Amazon Connect in order to allow easy access between coaches and clients.

How we built it

We designed an architecture around serverless microservices to facilitate the flow of information managed by a single page application front end powered by React.

Challenges we ran into

Time! We are also guilty of bitting off a bit more than we should have. In our defense, we tried to use only AWS services for the project and we ran into some snags in integrating all of the pieces.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of our overall concept and understanding of what the MVP should be for the project. And, we're pretty impressed with the team's perseverance and commitment to seeing things through.

What we learned

We experienced first-hand the unpredictable nature of the availability and capability of modern cloud infrastructure services.

What's next for Goodwill Industries Could Connect

Given more time or another a go at the project, we would have more fully built out the MVP. Our next steps from here would be to develop a custom solution where the code would be something we, as a team, would more fully understand.

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