Current Vision

Goodwill are trying to better assist their caseworkers ability to follow up with clients in a timely manner. Our application allows for caseworkers to be reminded at the right time to follow up with a client, while also trying to pre-empt issues that might arise from unemployment or underemployment.

To make caseworkers task of contacting clients easier, an SMS can be sent from our application personalizable by the caseworker to the client. The vision is to support the client replying back to the caseworker using SMS. Our application will display the client’s response.

To achieve this functionality requires a weighted score, that is derived from a two question survey complete by the client, and also the time since the client started employment.

The initial architecture uses serverless technologies that will provide good stability and will future proof the application for additional ability scaling technologies as development continues.

Future functionality

Future functionality for the application would include the ability for clients to be able to fill in their own initial questionnaire using the app, as well as a more formal communication mechanism.

Future architecture would also include the ability to provide high availability for the system with services located in a number of regions.

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