Earnings are actuators for expenses, but today we need to respond to climate change, transmission dynamics and the need to save, conserve and sustain life. The emergence possible depends upon each Goodwill at work element, whether a business, an organization, a governing authority or even a network that has been delivering or serving us since times immemorial (the time being what was easily possible before the current health crisis, late 2019 and 2020)

What it does

Detail 1: The Goodwill at Work framework includes in it different elements to take on the call to respond and implement actuators for the problem on hand.

Detail 2: The actuators are as follows 2.1. A Join Us strategy, to invite businesses to register as part of the Goodwill at Work framework 2.2. Self-registration of those seeking employment or welfare into a Zen Genome Centre 2.3. The Goodwill at Work framework will then use the Zen Genome information, to assess the need for a. People welfare systems b. LifeWise Network activation c. Successful organizational catalysis, business model sensitization and initiation of employment theories

Detail 3: The information gathered could be made part of a Cloud, that serves to help implement additional or further Contingency planning

Detail 4: The solution being proposed is deployed via a landing page with the following Work in progress URL:

Detail 5: Explanation of the Join Us element for businesses The first step being to register details and thereon agree to a “Common Code of Business Interest” to develop “sense and respond elements” for the time ahead amidst the current crisis.

The sense and respond elements are the insightful relevance to the problem via what is called (1) Successful organizational catalysis, (2) designing a PETM platform and thereon (3) sensitizing the business model.

The sensitization of the business model thereon involves aligning with the Graduate Employment problem and the Resultant Work Theory for contractual or professional job seekers etc.

Detail 6: Fountain Head Network For those who are sports professionals, the Goodwill at Work framework includes a Fountain Head Network, that permits amateur or professional sports players to register with the network to identify their needs

For the interest in this subject, the term Fountain Head refers to emanating energy that evolves into a stream of life experience.

Detail 7: People Welfare Systems The People Welfare System helps identify and dimension need and proportion for the demand/supply balance needed in vital essentials

Detail 8: LifeWise Network activation The LifeWise Network activation helps people who cannot work anymore or for the time being, where the activation helps them to seek assistance and resolution for Food, Consumables and Shelter during the current crisis and for the time afflicted.

Detail 9: The Zen Genome Centre The Zen Genome is an “Activation for Sustenance harness” that designs solutions for furtherance and emergence

How I built it

I have enabled different proof-of-concept "solution highlights" for different problems related to Sustainable development and growth, Health management, Enterprise skill up methodologies and have integrated this with some intrinsic problem solving for the Goodwill at Hackathon entry to take on the challenge of employment dynamics.

Challenges I ran into

From my side, at this time of risk

For me conviction is past ‘heart’s desire’. Conviction connects a soul’s urge to heart’s desire.

Today we are finding man is affected by a lack of harmony as problem solving is not elevated to address risk, threat or the face of threats.

Man’s greater victory is in extremity and in not being a visionary.

Man finds victory in not being loyal and in man’s unwillingness to go to great lengths to become true survivors in the face of risk and race of “materialism, manifold urges and lack of logical, or positive or practical flexibility” to be conscious of the spiraling effect that is affecting us quite easily.

The need of the hour which I stand for is ‘systemic transformation through self-cycles for showing initiative for harmony and problem solving’.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All of us cannot be seekers and searches of truth or life paths like Buddha or Mother (Saint) Teresa or the other accomplishers seen till date.

Your transformation as much as mine depends upon events tied around one’s life whether spatial (today this being climate change, manifested incidence or unseen epidemic), or extra-sensory and/or mystical, where these events energize hidden aspects of one’s personality.

What I learned

Trusting feelings and our interests...

We feel that each of us want happy moments in the times to come, but it is said with two-folded role morality, one worldly interest and two a soulful enrichment.

This said, do we value our wants or power to want more than we should?

The inner secret being the soul is the most just part of all of us. It is sometimes part of a path to make our lifetimes successful for a journey important for all of us. We must relate to soul-led happiness.

To highlight conviction and transformation, the need for us is to be strategic in our defense initiatives to accomplish, solve problems and harmonize life.

What's next for Goodwill at Work

The open thinking must be funded for implementation of People Welfare Systems, LifeWise Networks and Help Lines,Social Accountability for resultant work theories, graduates and sports players. The Loan or Debt management concepts can help but must be enabled by interested parties.

The need of the hour is to facilitate problem solving without impact-ful spending. All said, I am happy that at the hackathon level, these open intents can become ground realities.

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