According to Medical News Today, cases of depression in the United States have tripled over the course of the pandemic. There was also a 14% increase in anxiety due to the pandemic. This is because of the isolation, loss, and stress that the pandemic has brought to the world. Healthcare workers also have to risk their lives every day to heal the nation. Therefore, we decided to create this platform to keep them motivated during trying times like this.

What it does

GoodVibez is an online community platform where users can submit messages and view a board of the messages that have been sent by users. The users can submit messages easily on the platform. The board will be filled with message bubbles that will give time for all messages to shine. Users can then click on one of the message bubbles and view the message. The messages can be a form of appreciation or motivation for the readers!

How we built it

We used Python Flask for the web app whilst using HTML/CSS/jQuery templates on the front-end. We also used SQLite to create a database where the messages can be stored. We also used jQuery to create the animations for the message bubbles.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into was gathering messages from our friends in order to put them into the database. Styling was also another challenge we ran into because we needed to find the right color palette for the message bubbles to give off positive vibes to the users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to create a working model that is able to use the messages submitted to create a motivational board that will help others during this difficult time!

What we learned

We learned how to use SQLite to create tables to store our messages since we only knew how to use MongoDB before.

What's next for GoodVibez

We hope to host it on a website mainly. We also hope to develop further features, such as a meditation playlist that the users can use to relax and take their minds off their busy lives. We are also hoping to create a blog where users can read about tips to improve their mental health!

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