Toxic work culture?

angry coworkers

Uncooperative employees?

more angry coworkers

Stop right there.


There's no room for negativity here.

Good Vibes Only (GVO) a Slack app that monitors group chats for negative messages which can be destructive to group morale. Moderators can view individual members' sentiment scores and give appropriate feedback, both to each individual and to the team as a whole.

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A higher-stress work environment has been shown to increase the likelihood of absenteeism, decrease productivity, and even hurt the public's opinion of the corporation. GVO was made to discourage group members from spreading negative sentiments. Our goal is not to censor opinions, but to encourage coworkers to opt for constructive criticism and a positive, glass-half-full outlook. This can make group work much more productive and keep group spirits high. In doing so, we hope to improve the mental health of coworkers and make work a less stressful, more chill place for everyone.


We developed GVO using the Microsoft Bot Builder for Node.js, and deployed the app on Azure. We used Visual Studio Code 2017 as our IDE and tested calls to the bot through the Bot Framework Channel Emulator

Individual Sentiment Analysis

Make real personalized feedback possible.

Channel messages are sent through GVO to the Microsoft Text Analytics API and individually analyzed for sentiment. Each message is given a sentiment score between 0 (highly negative) and 1 (highly positive). In future updates, each group member's sentiment scores will be compiled and presented in graphical format to moderators, who can view information about sentiment increase/decrease over time, team sentiment compared to other teams, and much more.

Profanity Counter

Turn a bad habit into a good deed.

Each message is sent through the Microsoft Text Moderator (using the Content Moderator API) and scanned for profanity content. Every time a channel member swears, money is withdrawn from the company's budget, placed into a virtual swear jar, and later donated to a charity of the company's choice. The Content Moderator API is capable of detecting profanity in more than 100 languages.

We hope you decide to join us on our journey to good vibes. For now, stay wavy, friends.

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