Street harassment is a hot topic. We hear and read about it almost every day. The main targets are women, who often have to confront difficult situations (especially during the night). Some of them explain that they are always thinking of the path their are going to take to avoid these situations. This app aims at helping anyone avoiding bad situations.

GoodPath is an application which lets the user signal dangerous places or unaccessible ones. If he feels unsafe, he can simply push a button that will upload his location. Every user has access to a map displaying the dangerous areas. The application features a best path finding tool that avoids unsafe and unaccessible areas.

We used android studio to create the application, and the spring framework for the back-end. We had to work with Dijkstra's algorithm to compute the best path both according to dangerousness and length. For the map, we used the google map API and used OpenStreetMap to be able to handle the roads and accessible paths.

Converting the locations into coordinates on the map and displaying the the heatmap was difficult. The hardest part was trying to compute the fastest path taking the unwanted areas into account (and avoiding it). The integration of the back-end and the front-end was also a real challenge.

We managed to make the app work as we wanted it to. The app can almost be used for real (even though we still have to fix some features). It could be in great help for some people.

We learned to use the spring framework and to work as a team. Dividing the tasks was an interesting experience

We still have to add the fastest path computation for the accessibility map.

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