We were inspired by the state of the world right now. With the Pandemic and all the negative repercussions that it has brought, we realize that the essence of the world is based on collaboration, and that this is a key tool to develop solutions for actual current and upcoming problems. This is why we centered "Goodocity" on Social Good, to develop a channel were people can connect to do good deeds and help their communities.

What it does

It's a platform for creating/joining communities and events centered around Social Good! Just join and you can see all the amazing events of which you can be a part of! Come volunteer with us!

How we built it

The back-end was built using Django and PostgreSQL and hosted on Google's App Engine Platform. The front-end was built using TypeScript, Angular 10 and Bootstrap 4, and hosted on Netlify. The authentication was built using Firebase Authentication and Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges during the development of the backend mostly because the documentation wasn't accurate there were files that appeared out of nowhere when we tried to deploy to App Engine so we didn't know what to do, on the other hand we had problems with settings on the cloud of the Django app that we had to solve with each deploy until we finally managed to get almost everything working.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working with a team that was based in three different time-zones, and completing a relatively big project for demo.

What we learned

We learned a lot about how to build a fullstack application using Angular and Django. About how to deploy a backend using App Engine, how to manage user authentication using Firebase Auth. We also learned how to work in a team environment and dividing individual tasks.

What's next for Goodocity

We want to focus on improving the platform, our main goal is to include virtual events because of the pandemic. We also are looking for opportunities to make partnerships with NGO to provide more options for the users of the platform for volunteering. We want to add a Social Interactions system with notifications, a chat, adding friends and a comment section to improve the user experience!

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