When we hear the word "News" what's the first thing that comes to our mind; Guns, Drugs, militants; we can't deny the fact that News have a massive effect on our thinking and can be depressing and when the news is only looking at the negative angle, when we don't know the source of the news, when the news is heavily biased it is totally unethical; looking at all these problems our team decided to do something, as the world has seen some unprecedented transitions to open technologies like blockchain, now it is the time for News. Hence this project has been inspired by how Blockchain has changed the world and now it aims to change journalism by letting the readers get uncontrolled news, where the news is seen in the angle of people and has no political biases.

What it does

Looking at the current situation of the world where fake negative biased news spreads like wildfire we have come up with a software which has been inspired from the blockchain logic and cryptocurrency trend that tries to indulge the mood of the reader and suggest the news that would suit him; along with It we have developed an independent anonymous ranking system which will be totally independent and based on the likings of the reader also we have developed 111 language support for getting a global outreach so that the whole world can enjoy the new era of jernournalism

How I built it

This project was built by a clear idea of changing the idea of journalism into a very independent, ethical, open and unmoderated industry, To make this idea possible we consumed a lot of coffee and applied skills of Python and HTML, we used Google API's to get stuff translated and with Google Cloud technologies we created a whole workspace. To make the idea possible, coders from 2 extremely opposite timezones collaborated to make this in a very small time span and bring the vision of independent journalism into a reality

Challenges I ran into

Working with teammates from opposite timezones is a problem but we decided to put it to our advantage as working in opposite timezones mean a 24hr working time which we could not afford to lose. After settling out with the time zone problem we managed to align everyone's skillset and started the work. Working with Google API was a new experience for each and every one of us, none in the team had prior experience with API's. hence taking Google API crash course during the hackathon and figuring out licensing with Google API was a challenge but it was solved with time, and we just managed to complete the project in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

All members of Team Trojan Hex can agree upon the fact that meeting new strangers who eventually became friends with time was the most overwhelming experience. Talking about cultures/problems/country on a cup of tea was inturn the best experience for each and every one of us. Along with making friends, we are proud of the fact that we could collaborate and make something new in a weekend also learning on workshops in the hackathon was another thing. We are proud of the fact that we could solve the problems of timezone, colaborating, api's,licencing but we are most proud of making the new friends whom we met during the hackathon.

What's next for know-the-news-around-you

Being a small hackathon we poured all that we could but we can't disagree upon the fact that there are a lot of features that lack in our project. We have hardly worked on the frontend which gives it an unhealthy and unattractive look, which we wish to develop over time. We also agree that by introducing ML for a recommendation feature, and some human behavioural algorithms which we could not add due to time constraints would make the project stand out and ready to use.

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