Have you ever wondered what's actually in your shampoo or body wash? Have you ever been concerned about the toxicity of certain chemicals in them on your body and to the environment?

If you answered yes, you came to the right place. Welcome to the wonderful world of Goodgredients! 😀

Goodgredients provides a simple way to answer these questions. But how you may ask.

What it does

Goodgredients provides a simple way to check the toxicity of certain chemicals in them on your body and to the environment. Simply take a picture of your Shampoo or body wash and check which ingredient might harmful to you.

How I built it

The project built with React Native, Node JS, Express js, and Einstein API. The backend API has been deployed with Heroku.

The core of this application is Salesforce Einstein Vision. In particular, we are using Einstein OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which uses deep learning models to detect alphanumeric text in an image. You can find out more info about Einstein Vision here.

Essentially, we've created a backend api service that takes an image request from a client, uses the Einstein OCR model to extract text from the image, compares it to our dataset of chemical details (ex. toxicity, allergy, etc.), and sends a response containing the comparison results back to the client.

Challenges I ran into

As first-time ReactNative developers, we have encountered a lot of environment set up issue, however, we could figure out within time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had no experience with ReactNative but finished project with fully functional within 24hours.

What I learned

What's next for Goodgredients

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