GoodGosting is a money game based on the principle of no-loss. The gamification is entirely based on the interest, punctuality and ability to amass friends through referrals.

Users can always exit with their principal.

What it does

Users can invite their friend to join the savings club. Once they join, they need to deposit 9.90 DAI on a weekly basis. The money is automatically invested in Aave lending pools.

Users who miss their payments are kicked out of the club. They can withdraw what they deposited, but won't get any of the interest. Their interested is divided for remaining players.

Users have a strong incentive to invite their friends and make the game go viral. For every referral they make, they get a 10% bonus, and for every second level referral they get another 1% bonus. The bonus is calculated on the interest.

The game ends after a year, and users who religiously saved every week can now withdraw the interest they are owed.

As users miss their payments and drop out, they forfeit their interest. This boosts everyone else's APR, effectively beating the market by exploiting user laziness

If at the end of the year no-one has dropped out.... Hooray! We taught some user's how to save :-)

How We built it

Solidity, Kovan testnet, 3Box, Truffle, React Starter App, React Bootstrap, MetaMask, Web3.js.

Challenges We ran into

Truffle wasn't working. Took a long time to get up and running

Aave protocol was missing many things to reach basic developer friendliness. We documented missing features or problems here

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created the first friendly blockchain game of interest protocols that are focused on average joe instead of whales.

We also never stopped making puns and bad jokes about Aave, ghosts, and viral pandemics.

What We learnt

How to convert DAI to aDAI. How to track accrued interest in smart contracts.

We ended up having to figure out a lot of things on our own which was a learning experience.

What's next for GoodGhosting

Finishing up the contract and UX with some funding from Aave (or getting ghosted!)

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