We were inspired to create GoodDay after sharing how our habits and routines had all been up-ended by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this time of isolation, it's super easy to find yourself spending hours upon hours working away in front of your laptop. This lack of exercise and social interaction can be damaging for your physical and mental health. That's where GoodDay comes in: GoodDay is a Chrome extension built with self-care in mind.

What it does

GoodDay is all about little reminders: it reminds you to rest your eyes, drink some water, grab a snack, and more. It also generates uplifting images that greet you when you open the extension. You can customize the types of images you want to see for your best experience! GoodDay also wants to help your productivity: it features a sticky-note-style checklist so you can visualize what you've accomplished and what's left to be done.

How we built it

We built GoodDay using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Chrome Storage API, Bootstrap, and

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up Chrome storage API to save the user’s preferences on the images and to-do list notes
  • Linking a custom domain to the website host

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It was everyone on the team’s first time creating a google chrome extension!
  • It looks pretty!
  • Developing a finished product in such a short time

What we learned

  • Coding is not always easy - you’re bound to run into roadblocks
  • Communicating virtually with teammates is difficult but rewarding
  • Web development is a lot of fun and super satisfying to visually see your progress!

What's next for GoodDay

  • Adding pomodoro timer feature or timed reminders to drink water, take a walk, or take a break.
  • Implementing it in other web browsers (Safari, Firefox, etc.).
  • Implementing a chatbot on our website.
  • Dark mode!

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