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Track we are aiming for

Inequality Track - Code for Good


  • We were inspired through the gaps of destitution between the poor and the rich. Our mindset was that there were those that were willing to provide and give to the unfortunate but won't know where to start or where to give, which is why we created and developed GoodCoin, providing today, preparing tomorrow. The current state of the country and the world is in a crisis. Inequality has never been higher, and issues such as hunger, poverty, homelessness and destitution are reaching critical levels. However we still see that all around us, people are driven and inspired by acts of kindness and charity, We wanted to make a platform for enhancing this type of behavior, and also provide a means for equitable distribution of charitable donations, corporate social responsibility initiatives and individual charity as well. We envisioned a system where tying all these together would alleviate some of the critical issues facing us as human beings and as a civilization

What it does

-Connects 3 aspects of our society together in a donator, provider fashion. First aspect allows those to donate to the unfortunate through our GoodCoin app, by purchasing monetary items or even services which will be directly beneficial to the unfortunate, the unfortunate being the second aspect or endpoint of the app. The third aspect will be the providers, for example, the store or service that is bought or transacted through the purchase, which they can receive or even provide more of their services.

We built a token generation and management system. Donors can buy tokens via the token store, the balance of the token store will increase. Recipients apply for tokens from the token store and use the tokens in exchange for everyday supplies (diapers, baby products, essentials etc), food (basic and necessary food items), housing (like airbnb but paid with our token) or services (again, essentials which are needed like babysitting, daycare, emergency vehicle repair etc). Businesses involved in this scheme can either treat products and services or accommodation (like airbnb) "sold" in tokens as donations or redeem tokens for cash.

here is basically how it works: -Tokens are generated by the system -Donors choose the category and buy tokens from the token store -Token balance for that category in token store increases -Recipients apply for tokens in the token store and the token store distributes token to the recipients -Recipients can use tokens to exchange for goods, services, supplies or accommodation in partnering businesses, service providers or even individuals Businesses and individuals collect tokens and redeem tokens for cash or have the option of making an in kind donation for which they receive a charitable donation receipt, thereby increasing the number of tokens in the ecosystem.

On the whole, this approach works because a lot of the richest cities and areas in the country and the world are also home to a large underclass of people who are struggling to make ends meet. The well off section of society on the whole is known for making charitable donations, but these are often in an ad hoc and asynchronized manner. Our solution ties these threads together with a focus on equitably helping the neediest people first

How I built it

-Through the integration of react-native, bootstrap, javascript, datastrax-astra, python, and google cloud, we were able to develop GoodCoin as well as design features such as figma and adobexd!

Challenges I ran into

  • Our team's timezones certainly presented a challenge but our team's ultimate mindset and unified goal of helping those in need allowed us to persevere. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of
  • We were very proud of developing a solution for addressing such a dire need in our society, social integration, the idea of allowing the rich to help the poor through the app, while services and the providers can contribute as well. ## What I learned -wanted to also make chrome extension, we almost did but ran out of time -datastax astra is tricky for join type of queries ## What's next for GoodCoin -hopefully we get adopted and some traction to launch our platform
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