The inspiration for the Hack was too use artificial intelligence API's such as Clarifai and an Open Source Sentiment analysis API to make online communication a friendlier place.

What it does

goodbot is a SlackBot that monitors messages sent in a slack channel to check if they are appropriate.

  • goodbot can detect: inappropriate images and offensives texts.
  • It also provides Admins with the power to create or remove filters for certain types of images for which they feel are inappropriate.

How we built it

goodbot was entirely built in Javascript using the Slack botkit. The image recognition was achieved by the Clarifai API, and the text analysis was done using a Sentiment analysis API.

Challenges we ran into

First we attempted to implement the SlackBot in python to interface with the Clarifai API which we had set up in Python. Setting up a SlackBot in Python proved to be tedious so we ended up switching over to JavaScript to complete our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to implement a full working SlackBot that uses two different API's to accomplish our task.

What we learned

How to coordinate as a team in order to accomplish as many tasks as possible. How to integrate API's with the SlackBot.

What's next for goodbot

The next step for goodbot is to integrate a more comprehensive sentiment analysis as well as add more robust filters.

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