Inspiration: The inspiration behind this project was to create a system that would help promote the gap brand, while make it fun for users.

We love Gap products and have a passion to promote it.

How it works

Our website called GoodasPhasion which intrinsically motivates our users to vote and promote Gap Products. We do this by asking our users to rate for the most popular and current products released by GAP. All the user has to do is to create an account by clicking the Sign up button. Afterwards, the user has the ability to pick and choose what trending GAP products they find "hot" or "cold".

Challenges We ran into

One of the problems we ran into was creating the database for our usernames. First, we were using a new version of Dreamweaver, however we solved this problem by using PHP. Also, we made the website very complicated in the beginning. We had to spend hours deciding how to condense it. Also, the buttons were not redirecting.

What We learned

Some of our teammates went on CodeAcademy and learn how to program PHP. Also, we learned that a simple idea is better than a complicated one that may confuse our users.

What's next for GoodasPhashion

The team would like to scale the application up to global scale and include other companies and other markets. We would also have a social network implementation to keep the users connected to each other. Our main goal is to keep the company and the consumer connected at a 1:1 level.

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