What it is

Web-based application aimed at promoting charity, volunteering and other good deeds with the help of already existing social networks.

What it does

After the user links their accounts in social networks (as many as they want), the application starts scraping automatically their public posts and calculates each one’s GoodScore. GoodScore is a measure of how much one contributes to the society in various ways, from charity to healthy life style promotion. In “rating” section one can look on different rankings and data visualization, for example: city ranking, maps with “most kind regions” etc. We hope that way it will encourage active social network users to participate in various activities and write posts about them.

Technology we used

Web: Django Python, React.js, jQuery, Scalingo

Database: Postgres

Data Mining and Authentification: Instagram API, Facebook API and Twitter API

Data visualization: Esri ArcGIs API, Conva.js

Frontend: React.js, Bootstrap, Bottle

Data Analysis: Google keyword extraction KEA algorithm, Everis API, Pytesseract, Kairos.

What we have learnt

Overall the problem of text parsing is pretty complicated and requires open-ended research, great insight in machine learning and data analysis. During the hackathon we tried a lot of different approaches and applied ready-to-use solutions, however, a lot work is to be done in future. We also learned a lot of frontend hacks as we focused on the visual side of the application. Using proposed APIs from the sponsors was quite a challenge too, but thanks to the advisers from the stuff we used them on the full scale. We are grateful for the experience and hope you like our demo.


Our frontend team accomplished a lot of challenges. Considering the fact that they are not professional web-developers and usually are working in other areas, that is a huge step for them.


There is still a long way to go: optimize text and image processing algorithms, create mobile app, scale for more users and add some features. We believe in our idea and look forward to develop it for the market.

Built With

  • bootstrap
  • bottle
  • bottle-data-analysis:-google-keyword-extraction-kea-algorithm
  • conva.js
  • conva.js-frontend:-react.js
  • django
  • esri-arcgis-api
  • everis-api
  • facebook
  • facebook-api-and-twitter-api-data-visualization:-esri-arcgis-api
  • git
  • google-keyword-extraction-kea-algorithm
  • instagram-api
  • jquery
  • kea
  • postgresql
  • pytesseract
  • python
  • react.js
  • scalingo
  • scalingo-database:-postgres-data-mining-and-authentification:-instagram-api
  • twitter
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