The problem Xper solves

In the world of Web Development, I have always faced one major/irritating problem which is responsiveness of a website. Everytime when I am developing a website, I make a quick change and push it in order to quickly check how it looks on my phone. And it does not even update in RealTime!!! Now I know we can simply turn on the inspector and toggle to mobile screen mode to have a look and get an idea of how it might look on a mobile device, but is it accurate? I still always have this urge to check something that I spent hours working on in realtime, on my phone!!

Imagine, a tool/code editor where you can simply write code, and then deploy it, and see your deployed code update in realtime, as you code on all DEVICES that has your website open. Imagine how easy it would be to see your code’s output just after you make that small two line change to your code and see it update in REALTIME on your phone without connecting your laptop to it. Imagine being able to edit your code on any device that you visit your website from!!

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