Our team felt that the abundance of challenges and sadness that the current Covid-19 situation has thrown at us has been quite overwhelming. We were frustrated at the fact that sad and depressing news is all we encounter in our day to day lives. To find a solution to this problem we believe many individuals might be facing, we decided to make Good News. This application acts as a way to bring happiness in times of darkness. It presents users with uplifting news stories that are often shadowed by sad news in mainstream news medias. Although now just a positive new outlet, in the future, we would like Good News to act as a hub for mental health help resources - like suggesting coffee shops, walking routes, or parks to visit to keep ourselves from being a victim to the depressing state of the world.

What it does

It presents a daily update of positive news articles. It is also equipped with a search feature to look for positive news in specific categories. In short, it's like any other news search - without the sad news! It displays a rating next to the news articles which suggests how positive or negative a piece of news is.

How I built it

Using the Bing News Search API, we were able to fetch the news articles and add the search feature. Then, we use the Azure Luis API to run sentiment analysis on this news data to determine the rating of positive/negative/mixed/neutral news articles, and subsequently, display this.

Challenges I ran into

A primary challenge we ran into was integrating the Azure Luis API and the Bing News Search API together, which proved to be more time consuming that we thought it would be. An addition challenge we ran into was determining the best programming language to use for each API, but overcame this challenge pretty soon.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have a working product! Although we have more visions for what we want Good News to be in the future, we are proud to have managed to create a working prototype that we can continue to build on!

What I learned

We learned how to effectively work in a collaborative team environment, especially when all our team members were so passionate about the cause we were working towards.

What's next for Good News

In the future, we would also like to make Good News not just catered towards bringing uplifting news, but also to act as a hub for mental health support - keeping with this idea of bringing happiness amidst challenges.

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