The inspiration came from the student life. We as students face dilemmas such as waking up early in the morning due to tremendous amount of workload.

What it does

It is a Futuristic Clock that hasn't been invented yet (atleast from looking at Playstore). This alarm clock ensures that the user gets up in the morning no matter what; the only way to disable the alarm from waking the user up is by turning the phone off. The app does not require internet connection, however, It uses your GPS location to determine whether you actually got up and walked to the restroom or not. The alarm keeps on ringing until you reach the restroom. Oh and there is a Snooze button available for the "Lazy users" but it only makes things worse by increasing the volume instead of snoozing.

How I built it

We used Unity 3D along with C# as the scripting language to create this app.

Challenges I ran into

One of the main challenges we faced was that not everyone in our team was familiar with Unity. Because of that, we had to assign one of the members to do the design of the app in Photoshop. One of us had to learn C# while only 2 of us were aware of the syntax of the language. Furthermore, the obstacle that prevented us from achieving our goal was the lack of knowledge in GPS Coordinates, which took about half of our time. Lastly, lack of time was also another obstacle we faced in our process of completing the task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We figured out how to get GPS coordinates without the use of Internet.

What I learned

Two of us learned a new language

What's next for Good Morning

With enough time spent, we want to personalize sleeping pattern where we calculate the hours of sleep related to how the user feels when awake. With that data, we will be able to recommend hours of sleep to any users. Also, we want to implement the activation of shock which will enable the user to wake up instantly. We can achieve this by asking the user to prefill their interests in certain topics. With the data provided, we will make use of the internet to pull latest data on the topics the user finds interesting which will be shown when the alarm sets off.

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