Everyone wants to raise money for something they care about. Unfortunately, not all of us have the capital to do so. With Good₿Miner anyone, even kids, can fund campaigns.

What it does

Good₿Miner is a web app that allows users to create fundraising campaigns similar to However, users do not need to pay through conventional means but rather through their device's processing power. Good₿Miner will mine the cryptocurrency Monero on the users web browser until the set goal has been reached.

How I built it

I made a flask app that's hosted on AWS. Used Slushpool's API to connect to a bitcoin pool and used jsminer to mine bitcoin. Also used Coinhive API to mine Monero. Campaigns and results are saved in MongoDB.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the jsminer to work with flask was difficult since I had to rewrite some of the core functionality in python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's (almost) ready for launch.

What I learned

Mining cryptocurrency on the browser is still a very resource heavy process.

What's next for Good₿Miner

Run the miner in the background as a service worker.

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