The Inspiration

Our inspiration was to make education available to those that could not afford to pay for tuition. We thought that the shell script that was running behind miners without individual consent could be used for good rather then bad. Our application Good Mines, Change Lives was born.

What does it do

Good Mines, Change Lives allows any individual to donate their extra computing power to mine ETH that goes into a trust-less wallet by using smart contracts. As a community creating value, the community decides where the value should go. Think of it like a reddit for value transfer in your local communities

How I built it

The application was built using the following technologies.

Electron & React- to gain access to the computing power as well as make it easy to start and stop the mining process React & Redux - A web/mobile application that allows the individual contributor to have a voice and select where to distribute the value

Challenges I ran into

So many issues we could count, from working with new technology like electron to run scripts and run the ethminer. To connect other individuals to our mining pool easily. We still have a lot to do but we will be building out the application to run smoothly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a mining pool, getting an application working with Electron and React (IPCRenderer to be specific lol), and working collaboratively with a group that hasn't worked together before.

What I learned

Ideas for good can change the world around us and shape a better future. Also the excitement we all got to do our best and perform under pressure.

What's next for Good Minds Change Lives

Complete the project to MVP with the original team :)

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