Since the pandemic started we’ve been locked up in our houses for almost a year. When 2021 started, people were really hoping to have things go back to normal - however that doesn’t seem possible with the current situation. Our frontline workers are working harder just to keep us safe, help those close to death, to live one more day. Many people have lost their jobs, their family and friends and anything dear to them. Over the past year, so much negativity has spread throughout the world that people have started to lose hope and started living just to make ends meet. To overcome this, we decided to create an app that helps spread positivity and help those in need.

What it does

Our goal is to help frontline workers, behind the scene workers and anyone in need to find positivity in this negativity and help everyone in need. It has been tough to constantly hear about the number of covid cases going up and still stay positive. With, you can do it all! Our app filters out all the negative news and only shows positive news on your feed. Not only does it help you find your happiness but it also allows people to give to those in need. Everyone can find things they might need, from clothes to housing. Together, everyone can take a step towards the social good by helping those in need.

We are targeting anyone in need and anyone who can help during the pandemic. Our app helps connect people who can help whether that is by endorsing hospitals, donating things on the market place and reading all the positive news around the world. This helps them realize the world isn’t all that bad and allows users to have an incline in mental health as well as do social good. They have many options such as donating extra materials or endorsing hospitals for frontline workers.

How we built it

We used Jam Board to plan out our pages for our app and used to actually build a prototype for users to use which can be downloaded on your phone.

Challenges we ran into

We faced many different challenges throughout our weekend, but we managed to overcome them all with our teamwork. Our first biggest challenge was, everyone on the team had knowledge of different languages. Which isn’t as much of a problem since the basics for most languages are the same and only the syntax differs. Another challenge was we wanted to create an IOS app using Xcode which is only available to Mac users and not everyone was a Mac user. As well as not everyone knew swift. That is why we decided to work on the prototype using online tools where everyone can make edits and see the new changes. We decided to use which was an application none of us had ever used before. We learnt it within a couple hours, each of us mastering different parts of using It was tough for us to learn as it was a new application to everyone in the group. Something we learned along the way is to pay attention to small details for example being consistent with the font, color scheme and text methods. Since all of us worked on different pages at the same time, we had to make sure the colors were the same throughout as well as the size of the font and spacing. Our biggest issue came when it was our turn to record our video, we wanted to do a small skit and introduce our app, but because we had team members from different time zones which meant not everyone was online at the same time in order to hop on a call to record. Eventually, we were able to get everyone together for a quick recording about an hour before submissions were due. Thankfully, everything worked out and we overcame all the different challenges we faced

Accomplishments that we're proud of

​We were able to get through everything in one weekend, which makes us think if we had more time we could have had a coded version ready. We got our prototype done and ready to use. We also got our video recorded and a submission docs. We have a vision of how our app will look like which really helps with the design and logo building.

What we learned

We learned how to work in a team, communicate, sync schedules, divy up work, and use technologies and services we're unfamiliar with.

What's next for

Year 1: Local news stations partnership Expanding to local clinics Building a better marketplace for users to chat Year 2: Business/company collaborations Partnership with news channels and social media Insights and data collection policies

if we had more time, we might be able to get our site working and reachable.

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