Everyone deserves a chance to get help. And many of the organizations are ready to provide help. Both organizations and the applicants are facing many hurdles in the process. To apply, validate and approve a single application, it takes alot of time and manual effort. Applicant has to fill the application form and has to courrier them to the organization along with document proofs. Now Organizations has to validate and verify all these documents and has to make decision. This whole process requires alot of manual efforts and paper work and results in delay of processing. We strongly feel that no deserved one has to wait long to get help. So we came up with this idea.

What it does

To Approve an application most of the organizations follow a 3 step process:

  • Apply
  • Validate
  • Approve

We are trying to simplify these 3 steps for a fictional NGO, Good Hands that provides financial support for the medically needed people with the help of hellosign and helloworks.

  • Apply: Applicant can easily fill the applicattion form developed using the Helloworks.
  • Validate: Once user filled the form, our app will trigger a signature request to the medical officer mentioned in the application form with the hep of hellosignSDK. Officer can verify and approve or decline the request.
  • Approve: If medical officer validated the application, it will directly reaches to the president of the NGO directly for the final approval and signature. He/She can validate and decide of wether approve the request or not.

Along with this, NGO can track all the applications with ease.

How we built it

This application is built using Node.js, flutter, firebase. We used HelloSign Node SDK to trigger signature requests for Medical Approval and Final approval from organization. HelloWorks API is used to simplify the application part.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced during the development is integrating helloworks and hellosign. We have to fetch the officer name and email from the application form submitted from helloworks and use that info to trigger signature request using HelloSIgn SDK, but after quite a bit of time we were able to achieve the functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud of completing and submitting this project. Also the techstack we used is quite new for us. By using flutter we achicved cross-platform compatibility for the application.

What we learned

  • We learnt alot about how to plan and design an entire project from scratch.
  • Integrating various APIs/technologies to achieve a task.
  • Working with HelloSign SDK and HelloWorks API

What's next for Good Hands

We are planning to develop:

  • a more secured way of authentication for the application using HelloSign OAuth.
  • Creating new financial aid programs from the application itself.
  • Adding whitelabeling feature to the application.
  • Developing this into a standalone application that can be used by multiple organizations.
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