If we could hack one thing in the world, it would be time. We want to move everything fast forward so everyone can easily understand the effect of the bad habits that we are doing nowadays. However, that is just a fantasy which will never happen. So we thought of other alternative - Good Guides. Four people who didn’t really know each other and just sit on the same table and thought of something new sustainable and environment-friendly. We just made it because we shared the same goal of bringing a whole new definition of the word “TRAVEL.”

What it does

UNWTO’s very first application is called “Good Guides” which is a refreshing travel application which provides a platform for green travelers to meet green locals for a better tour experience. Good Guides allows tourists with their mobile phone to submit a tour/travel request to a willing local within the spot where they want to travel. The tourist can check and choose for their preferred local who is willing to tour them around the area. The application provides options and filters which can make the search easier and more convenient. It sends a request to available local which eventually creates an alert to the other party of the details of the tourist.

Users should create a complete profile indicating their basic information about their identity and the kind of guides that they want and they can offer.

How it was built it

The technology used was Meteor.js. It is a open source full stack web development framework that is build on javascript on both the server side and client side. The front-end uses bootstrap for structuring the web-pages. It is cross-platform and the web-app is "mobile friendly". We were able to package the web app into an android app and an ios app using cordava that is pre-built with meteor.js. Meteor builds the native mobile app as it uses a system-web view to render the web-app.

Challenges we ran into

*Limited Time. *Deciding on an idea that can target the SDGs of the UNWTO.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a group who has never met, we were able to build a rapport very quickly and finalize on an idea.

What we learned

Understand the SDGs of the UNWTO and the impact of the SDGs that can have on the planet.

What's next for Good Guides

Work on the native app for mobile platforms (android, IOS) and a web app. Improve the user experience on the app. Work out details of the "Points economy" that is vital to the functioning of this concept.

Launch plan

*Improve app functionality and UX. *Pilot Program. *Expansion to other cities. *Expansion to rural areas. *UNWTO Certification.

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